Thread Counsel had been brewing in Carly Bigi's mind ever since she began her career out of Vanderbilt University in management consulting. As she built her business professional wardrobe, she was struck by the lack of appealing suiting options for women. She'd travel from store to store to select pieces that she found partially satisfying, only to then have to visit a tailor to get the fit right. In dismay, she'd watch her boyfriend Matt make one stop a suit store, select a style and pattern, and be fit by an expert in less than half an hour. Three days later, he'd return to pick up his perfectly fitting suit.

Carly knew that she was not the only woman utterly frustrated with the women's suiting options currently on the market. At Columbia Business School she teamed up with Erin Jaeger and Zoe Fox to launch Thread Counsel, the first company that designs affordable, custom suiting staples exclusively for women.